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Soccer Showcase

The Brittany XVI – March 13th & 14th, 2020


Scholarship Recipients


Medeline Richardson
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
Claire Dixon
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
Casey Jones
UNC – Chapel Hill Chemistry
Madison Parker
Meredith College Elementary Education
Alyssa Coleman
NC State University High School Teacher


Bryson Lee
UNC Asheville Health and Wellness
Morgan Loflin
UNC – Chapel Hill  
Gaby vonArx
UNC – Chapel Hill Exercise /Health and wellness
Jesse vonArx
UNC – Chapel Hill Exercise/Health and Wellness
Megan Westbrook
UNC – Chapel Hill Political Science
Mallory Sullivan
NC State University  
Emily Wilber


Haley Beamon
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
Mathew Brown
NC State University Business Management
Gracie Sullivan
UNC-Greensboro Biology
Lauren West
NC State University Biology


Eynde Frazier
Western Carolina University  
Connor Hardison
NC State University  
Elizabeth Hewera
UNC – Chapel Hill  
Mary Love Taylor


Madison Blackwell
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
McKenzie Blackwell
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
Emma Jean Proctor
Duke English or Visual Arts Production
Allison Strickland
UNC – Chapel Hill Journalism


Danielle Wilson
UNC – Chapel Hill Mathematical Decision Sciences
Courtney Davis
NC State Engineering or Biology
Martha-Scott Benson
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology
Sydney Jones
NC State Art and Design


Ashley Daw
NC State Human Biology/Pre-Med
Matthew Westbrook
NC State Engineering
Megan Lindsey
Virginia Tech Aerospace/Chemical Engineering
Ashley Warren
East Carolina Biology/Spanish


Eli Frazier
NC State Parks and Recreation
Alex Hall
South Carolina Pre-Med/Pre-Physical Therapy
Meredith Pruden
UNC – Wilmington Nursing


Katy Purinai
NC State Art and Design
Matthew Ryan Sullivan
UNC – Wilmington Pre-Med
Aaron Michael White
Virginia Military Institute Engineering


Laura Shingleton
NC State Textile Management
Reid Lewis
UNC – Chapel Hill Exercise and Sports Science
Sarah Dillard
UNC – Chapel Hill Business/ Law
Meagan Davis
UNC – Wilmington Marine Biology/Pre-Med
Alison Ellis
UNC – Chapel Hill Journalism


Astin Barnes
UNC – Chapel Hill Biology/Pre-Med
Whitney Hesmer
UNC – Wilmington International Studies
Lindsey DeRatt
UNC – Wilmington Engineering/Nursing
Laura Hanson
Wake Forest Biology/Music


Alex Calvert
Meredith College Undecided
Barbara DeRatt
NC Wesleyan College Chemistry/Biology
Cameron Liner
NC State Architecture
Rhiannon Little
UNC – Chapel Hill Pediatric Nursing
Erin Menzel
Pfeiffer Biotechnology/Education


Anna Wooten Gauss
NC State Apparel Mgmt/Marketing
Kathryn Martin-Riddle
NC State Chemistry
Rachel Smith
UNC – Wilmington Communications


Paige Dildy
East Carolina Biology/Pre-Med
Bethany Vaughn
East Carolina Recreational Therapy



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