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Soccer Showcase

The Brittany XVI – March 13th & 14th, 2020


In Memory

It seems too soon for you to leave, and yet you will always be with us.  We remember your smile and the way you brightened our days.
We remember your humor and the way you lifted our moods. We remember your competitive spirit and the way you emotionally charged us. We remember your leadership and the way you inspired us. We remember your courage and the way you calmed us. We remember your faith and the way you sustained us. In that place in our hearts where we keep happiness and joy, you are there.

We need to have people who mean something to us.

People to whom we can turn. Knowing that being with them is coming home.


You are one of those people, and knowing you is our privilege.

Hunt Lady Warriors



A Self Portrait

Bringing joy to other people makes me happy !
Ready to bring a smile to somebody’s face !
Intelligent when it comes to being creative !
Tall but not too tall !
Tolerable to everyone !
Always there for friends !
Nice to everybody !
Young for her grade !
Wilson Flyers is the select soccer team I play on !
Incredible to be around !
Loves talking to friends !
Lives in Wilson, NC !
Involved in extra curricular activities !
Sensitive to others’ feelings !

by: Brittany Willis
Honors English Project 2002-2003

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Brittany Willis
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